Dear Residents,

We know the recent disaster that impacted the Houston area is unparalleled.  If your home has been impacted, we are concerned for you and your family and that you have found shelter until conditions dramatically change.  All of the staff is safe and awaiting conditions to improve, so we can return to the community.  Cleanup efforts will commence once the roads clear.

We will continue to update you as the conditions improve and we can fully assess the damage.

Our prayers remain with you and your family during this difficult time.

If you have any questions, you can communicate with us by emailing

Fairfield Trails Management

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Pool Rules

·       Proper Pool Attire is Required.  Swimming Trunks and Bathing Suits ONLY!

·       No Glass in Pool Area

·       No Pets Allowed

·       No Running, Diving or Horseplaying

·       No One Under 15 Years of Age without a Residential Adult

·       Repeat Offenders will be Banned from the Pool

·       No Diapers – Must be Pool Diapers

·       Pool Opens at 10am

·       Pool Closes at 9pm by the Community Manager

·       Pool is Closed all Day On Mondays Each Week.



Management will be very strict on enforcing these rules.  Repeat offenders will be banned from the pool and may also be asked to move from the community.

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